image1    Hello and welcome to my website Snakes Alive, My name is Karl Green and I have been keeping reptiles since I was 10 years old.  I have kept and bred a large variety of reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids but over the years I have decided to specialise exclusively in snakes, mainly boas and pythons.  I have a particular passion for amazon tree boas and other arboreal snake species.

    My aim is to produce high-quality captive-bred snakes, in particular focusing on the rarer and more difficult-to-obtain species such as Ahaetulla prasina (Asian Vine Snake) and Xenopeltis unicolor (Sunbeam Snake) etc, I enjoy the challenges of both keeping and breeding the harder-to-maintain species and have good success with my breeding projects.  

      I have included an Expected Offspring and an Incubation page   to allow people to keep up-to-date with my   various breeding projects both success and failures.   I also attend most UK and European reptile shows both to sell quality captive-bred snakes, and to increase my bloodlines and my ever-growing snake collection.

    Feel free to email or ring me regarding any husbandry  or breeding enquires, as I enjoy talking to like-minded hobbyists.   I hope I can help others by passing on some of the knowledge that I have gathered over my years of keeping snakes. I hope you enjoy my website .


Karl Green.




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